Kundalini Yoga is a unique combination of movement, mantra & meditation that makes you feel out of this world


When we unify the body and mind and tune ourselves into a higher vibration through movement and mantra, we expand our consciousness and experience our natural state of being; a mind free from doubts, fears and limitations. 

With regular practice we develop a strong, healthy body and mind, which enables us to cope more easily with life's challenges.


Yoga helps us to rediscover who we are and have the courage to make decisions in life that are true to ourselves, which helps us to genuinely connect with others and forge authentic and meaningful relationships.

Australian Aborigines

Kundalini Yoga has been practiced since the beginning of time

My first introduction to Kundalini as a practice was from my research of Australian Aboriginal culture. Evidence suggests that Aboriginal men of higher degree carried out practices to stimulate the Chakra centres and Kundalini energy some 50,000 to 60,000 years earlier than in India or Tibet.


The Aborigines spoke of projecting psychic powers from these centres that were unhindered by time or space - Powers that could bring about healing life () and knowledge, or transfer thoughts. When this power was raised up and projected from the forehead the Aborigines referred to it as the ‘strong eye’ through which they could view distant worlds or penetrate the surface of matter to the worlds within’. 'Voices of the First Day - Awakening in the Aboriginal Dreamtime' - Robert Lawlor


In India, Kundalini Yoga was spoken of in the Upanishads, the sacred Vedic teachings from c.1,000 B.C - 500 B.C. ‘Upanishad’ translated literally means ‘sitting down to hear the teachings of the masters’ and that is how it began. Its philosophical science was taught verbally by masters, who shared their spiritual visions.