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Upcoming Yoga Event

Mindfulness Movement & Marvellous Mantra

Sunday 21st May


Stokeinteignhead Village Hall, TQ12 4QB


We all have different needs at different times depending on what’s happening in our lives and how we’re feeling energetically.

Sometimes we need a yang yoga practice, that raises our energy, boosts our immunity and exercises our muscles, but at other times, we need a more passive and restorative yin practice that helps to slow us down and release tension in the deeper connective tissue of the body.

As we age, we lose mobility in our joints, our bones begin to degenerate becoming weaker and our fascia contracts, which makes us tighter and restricts our ability to move freely. Restrictions are not only caused by ageing, but by unexpressed emotions, which have lodged themselves in our tissues as energetic blocks.

Yin Yoga can help us to regain that movement and stimulate the flow of energy through our bodies again. It works on our deepest connective-tissue including the bones, joints, cartilage, ligaments and deep fascial networks in the body. It is a simple and quiet practice that is yielding and passive, yet reaches us on a very deep level. Its long-held poses are Mindfulness in Motion, encouraging us to be fully present, breathing, moving and surrendering as best we can to each moment as it unfolds.

Workshop Schedule:

YIN YOGA - Flow for the hips, legs and back.

YOGA NIDRA is a healing practice that induces deep relaxation of the body and mind. Using a combination of breath and visualisation techniques, you are taken on an inner journey, where limiting beliefs can be released and strengths and talents can be tapped into and unleashed.

MANTRA - stimulating the 84 meridian points in the roof of the mouth, mantra can change our vibratory frequency, making us feel happier and more connected.

REFRESHMENTS - Hot drinks and nibbles are provided.

INVESTMENT - Early Bird £30 if paid by Monday 15th May. £35 thereafter.

Payment methods - Cash or BACS. Tickets will be sent on receipt of payment. Please note, tickets are non-refundable but credit can be used towards any Yoga Loveliness products or services.

Please bring lots of blankets and pillows for Yoga Nidra.

No experience needed. Suitable for everyone.

For more information or to book please contact Julia on 07926 351 299 or

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