Weekly Yoga Classes

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Sunday 10-11am



Monday 7-8pm


Wednesday 10-11am


Thursday 7-8pm


Friday 10-11am



Yoga Loveliness


Kundalini Yoga and Mindfulness are no less than miraculous practices that continue to expand my life in ways I never thought possible. Whilst strengthening and toning your body, you are taken on an inner journey of discovery and growth, which helps you to reconnect with yourself and create a life that is aligned with what makes you truly happy.


The exercises, which are fun and dynamic, are suitable for men and women of all ages and abilities. After actively moving the body, the class culminates with a relaxation. This allows the benefits of the physical exercises to be integrated into the energetic body as well as promoting deep relaxation of the body and mind.


All classes are mixed levels and suitable for complete beginners. There are new students arriving every week and most who come for the first time have never done yoga before. The classes are a mixture of beginners through to advanced; men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes. Real people moving their unique bodies with awareness of their personal strengths and limitations. 


I know it can be intimidating coming to a new class for the first time, but we are a friendly and welcoming bunch and would love to have you share this incredible practice with us.

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Yoga Loveliness


What happens in a typical class?


  • MEDITATION - Mindfulness & Mantra to bring focus into the present moment 

  • MOVEMENT - Physical exercises that work the body from head to toe with a particular enpahsis on the stretching and flexing the spine

  • SHAVSANA - Relaxation with guided meditation/inspirational words


What time should I arrive?


I would recommend arriving at least 10 minutes before the class starts to get settled. I'm afraid there's no entry once the class has commenced. 

What should I bring?


Please bring some water, a blanket for the relaxation and a mat if you have one, otherwise you are welcome to borrow one. A firm cushion or block would also be useful for seated posture, or you could simply roll up your blanket. Should you wish to purchase your own yoga mat or block,

I always have them available to buy in class. Super thick yoga mats are £14.00 and yoga blocks £6 or £20 for both. 


What should I wear?


Either loose fitting clothing or lycra, so you can comfortably move and stretch. We practice bare foot.



Can I eat before a class?


It's best not to eat a large meal before practicing yoga. If you're ravenous, however, a small healthy snack would be fine just before class.


Where is it?


Monday, Thursday & Sunday classes are held at:


Marldon Village Hall, Village Road, Paignton TQ3 1SJ.

Classes take place in the main hall upstairs.

Wednesday & Friday morning classes are held at:

Aztec Studio, Falkland Road, Torquay TQ2 5JJ



Open Air Yoga is in Marldon TQ3 1SJ


Is there parking?


Marldon Village Hall - free on-street parking or in the car park opposite The Church House Inn, which is a few seconds walk from the hall.


Aztec Spa & Gym Studio - free parking onsite if available, otherwise nearby on-street parking.


What if I have a significant health issue?


Please let me know before the class.

Yoga Loveliness

Do I have to be flexible?


Not at all. Your flexibility has no bearing on whether you can practice yoga or not. The purpose of yoga is to move your body and breathe in a way that is possible for YOU. We are all uniquely designed with strengths and limitations, so the key is listening to your body and practicing in a way that feels comfortable for you. 


I’ve never done yoga before. Is it class suitable for beginners?


Yes. Modifications are given for the exercises, allowing everyone to practice at their own pace.


I'm retired. Is it suitable for me?


Yes. The classes are mixed ability and ages. As modifications are given for the exercises, everyone can practice comfortably at their own pace.


Is it only for women?


Definitely not! It's for everyone and anyone, regardless of their sex, age or level of fitness.


Can I combine yoga with other sports?


Yes, absolutely. It is perfect for strengthening the muscles and joints to help raise your game and most importantly, it helps to prevent injury.



If you have any questions that I have not covered, please contact me.