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In memory of my extraordinary father

I've been struggling to write the perfect dedication, but that's the problem, there's no such thing as perfect. All there can ever be in any situation is the intention to speak from your heart and be as authentic as you possibly can, so here it is: My father taught me values that made me see life through different eyes. He was completely self-less, entirely dedicated to his family, generous, supportive, talented, creative, accomplished, articulate, intelligent, dignified, the perfect gentleman and eternal joker and prankster. He also had impeccable taste in music. Together we shared made-up words, jokes and sayings; feasted on chocolate, cheese and jazz and his delicious homemade cakes and curries. Of course, we argued, which is inevitable between fathers and daughters, but no matter what I wanted to do, no matter how crazy or risky it seemed, he always always supported me - and that gave me the confidence to follow my heart and discover my passions in life. And now, sharing the gift of yoga with you has made me happier than I've ever been, which was my Father's greatest wish. Teaching yoga has been my lifeline this week along with the support of my family and friends. In fact, my family have become closer than ever before. My mother is being showered with love and support by complete strangers from the village my parents recently moved to, so she couldn't have been in a better place. Something so painful can reveal great love and goodness in the world and make you see life with more depth and beauty. My Father did everything he needed to do before he passed away and he did not suffer, so we can all be at peace knowing that he is safe and will always be close by, protecting and supporting us until we join him again. In the meantime, I will take solace whenever I see white feathers, because they always appear when angels are near... Thank you so much for coming to my classes and sharing in the LOVE and remarkable practice of YOGA.

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