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Breaking Through Procrastination

Was it just me or was yesterday an unbelievably productive day? I spent 7 hours cleaning the inside and outside of my apartment and once I'd got over the initial resistance in my mind, I loved every minute of it and couldn't stop! Isn't it strange how we resist doing things which we know deep down will be rewarding? That voice in our head is so adept at convincing us that doing something else, ANYTHING else is going to feel so much better. But when we listen to that voice (our ego) we create the perpetual cycle of procrastination-guilt-anxiety-stress etc because the thing we know we need to do, still hasn't been done. And when we hold such thoughts in the back of our heads, they affect every other aspect of our lives because we can never really relax and enjoy the moment. So why don't we just do the thing and avoid the pain? Good question, which Eckhart Tolle could so brilliantly answer, but for now I can tell you from my own experience, there is a way through it... As you know, I've recently finished recording my first full length Guided Meditation. Do you now how many years ago I bought the equipment and procrastinated? FIVE Yes, it's shameful, but everything kept getting in the way; finding somewhere to live (back then) admin, class plans, advertising, studying, cooking, cleaning, I was too tired, unwell, too many other projects on the go, wasn't in the right frame of mind, didn't know how to use the software & equipment, socialising, family duties, Facebook, Instragram etc etc. There's no end to the excuses but only YOU can decide when enough's enough and when you do, BOY IS IT AWESOME!! I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed recording this mediation. It took two solid weeks with most days on the computer all day learning how to use the software and equipment (which in my mind was going to be overwhelming, but was in fact joyful), experimenting with sound effects, timing, my voice, music etc. I was completely immersed and the outside world didn't exist, nor did any of my habitual thought patterns. My mind was stilled because I was completely PRESENT and focused on what I was doing and it was....IS the most incredible feeling in the world. So it seems, the level of resistance equals the level of joy that you will experience doing the very activity that you're avoiding like the plague. Does that make sense? In other words, the more you resist, the more you will enjoy! So what are you resisting? Is it exercise, a new way of eating, getting to bed earlier, mowing the lawn, sorting out your cupboards, or a creative project? Try if you can to get over the initial hurdle, because when you do, you're in for a treat as the universe will flow through you, and that feeling is quite simply OUT OF THIS WORLD!! If you'd like to listen to my meditation, please click here

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