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Navigating Through Fear & Anxiety

It's very easy at this time to be sucked into the fear and feel overwhelmed with anxiety, but how we feel, depends on the choices we make. Right now, more than ever we need to discern between what is enhancing our mental and physical well-being, and what is diminishing and challenging it. We need to monitor how much news we expose ourselves to, what kind of films/series we're watching, how we're spending our time, who we're communicating with and how we're nourishing our bodies and minds. Making choices that serve your well-being will change your experience from fear and anxiety to acceptance and gratitude. But how is it possible to feel peace during such a time? By making conscious choices and moving inwards... When we go deep enough inside of ourselves, we cannot feel fear because it doesn't exist beyond the mind. Our inner world is like the ocean beneath the waves, always calm despite the threatening tumultuous waves above. If we allow ourselves to be victims of our circumstances, we will feel battered and lost, but if we dive down, we find we are immune to what's happening on the surface and our negative thoughts and emotions fall away.

Inside of us is something truly beautiful. It cannot be put into words, because it is beyond the mind, but it is a magical place that will give you all the love, protection and comfort that you need. It's always there, but we are so caught up in our minds and the outer world that we cannot hear the stillness that exists inside of us. And it is in this space of inner stillness that we need to be spending more time than ever before. How can we access this space? By communing with nature, through silent meditation, guided meditation, chanting, yoga, enlightening literature, documentaries and listening to spiritual teachers. Inside of us is the doorway to AWAKENING our consciousness. When we begin to understand who and what we really are, we have an inner knowing that everything is happening exactly as it's supposed to. There are no accidents, only serendipity and things no longer happen TO us but FOR us. Basically, we cannot lose when we're connected to our inner world. So what choices are you going to make today for your health and well-being? Remember, our feelings and emotions directly affect everyone around us, so the choices we make are not only for ourselves, but for our loved ones. Choose wisely and look after yourselves.

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