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Rebecca Campbell coming to Totnes!

'Rise Sister Rise' - 22nd April, Totnes

I've been promising to write about the amazing experience I had at Rebecca Campbell's workshop last year in Bournemouth, so here it is...
A series of curious events led me there. I had no idea what to expect but I knew I had to go. When I arrived, I paused to take in the energy of the room before choosing my seat and I’m so glad I did as met some amazing sisters whose lives mirrored mine in unbelievable ways.
There was such a great vibe in the room. 120 women all wanting to find their voice and expand their lives. Without giving too much away, we did various activities and one of them was to partner up and ask each other what you'd do you if weren't afraid. I’ve always known my biggest fear - and at the same time, my ultimate dream - to stand up in front of hundreds of people and give inspirational talks.
Rebecca then took us through a mediation. It was an important one which would have given me an opportunity to break through a certain aspect of my life, where I felt I was stuck. But when we got to the most important part, I started to cough. I couldn't stop. I drank water but it was as if I was choking so I had to leave the room. After climbing over a sea of women in deep meditation, I sat outside cross and upset.
While the meditation continued for a further 45 minutes I contemplated why that had happened. Was it something in my subconscious preventing me from moving forward? Was it some kind of outer force? When it finished, Rebecca asked if anybody had any comments and before I could think, I put my hand up. She handed me the microphone and I explained what had happened and asked WHY? But then my heart started to pound out of my chest and I told her that I was terrified of speaking in front of so many people, so she invited me up onto the stage…
In front everyone she asked me why I thought that had happened. I ummed and aahed and then suddenly it dawned on me…so that I would stand up on stage in front of 120 people and speak! Everyone laughed because they had already understood it before me. Then Rebecca asked, if there was one thing I could tell everybody, that was more important than anything else, what would it be? I immediately said ‘follow your heart’. And she said okay, now tell us what has happened in your life that has succeeded because of following your heart.
So with no time to think, I began telling the story from my divorce 14 years ago, the struggles, the victories and all the sequences of events that brought me to Devon to discover yoga, find my true passion in life and feel happier and more content than ever before. My knees were shaking and I said I was talking too much, but apparently I wasn’t and they wanted to hear what I had to say? That part was overwhelming, but the adrenaline kept me going.
Whilst speaking I remember looking at the woman I had told my biggest fear to and thinking how freaky it was. I’ve always been dropped in at the deep end in life, but have found it works best for me because it means there’s no time to think nooooooo!!!
I wasn't the only one up onstage that day. There were lots of tears and baring of souls….and not a single ego in the room. The camaraderie and sisterhood was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. What an incredible day. If you feel drawn to go, I can't recommend enough!
As Rebecca says ‘As one of us awakens and rises, it makes it easier for another to follow her lead. She is me and We are She. Rise Sister Rise’
Tickets are almost sold out, so don't delay booking. If you can't make her workshop, try reading her books and blogs. She's fab!
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