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Spring is here!

I just LOVE this time of year. With Easter coming up, there is once again the opportunity to start afresh and with the full moon last night we still have the next 24 hours to let go of whatever is stopping us from being fully in our own power and feeling awesome...because we ALL deserve that. I imagine some of you will also be looking forward to feasting on whatever you gave up for lent. Abstaining is a very powerful practice especially if you find yourself craving something that ultimately doesn't serve you. I used to be addicted to chocolate, so I gave it up for lent 12 years ago and I can honestly say, I have not had the same relationship to chocolate ever since - I can take it or leave it and my craving for sugar drastically reduced as a result. 40 days is a significant number across many religions and biologically, it can change neural pathways in brain helping to break bad habits (both physical and mental) and create new positive ones. I started a 40 day mantra sadhana last Monday ('Sadhana' in Kundalini yoga means 'commitment') and am already noticing changes...more space in my mind, a feeling of non-attachment to life's challenges and a sense of equilibrium. I am repeating the mantra for 11 minutes each day, but I could choose from 3, 31 or 62 minutes as they are the magic numbers! 11 is good for me and sustainable. I am really looking forward to seeing how I feel after 40 days. If any of you would like to commit to a 40 day sadhana, you can choose a meditation/mantra that you feel drawn to on the 3HO website:

If you would like any advice, just drop me a line. "Mantra is the main tool for changing the vibratory pattern of the brain and the mind"

If you're interested in reading more about the science behind this, have a look at this fascinating article:

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