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Give yourself the gift of self-care

I had a great time in Cornwall despite the weather. It's absolutely essential to let go sometimes otherwise our responsibilities and obligations can become overwhelming and our body begins to force us to slow down by producing physical ailments. But we really shouldn't let it get that far. If we look after ourselves on a regular basis, we can avoid illness and low moods and stay connected to that feel good place inside of us. It's always there, just waiting for us to quiet our minds, listen and feel.... So I have made a commitment to myself for more self-care this year. Of course I do look after myself as I practice yoga & meditation regularly and I eat really well, but nothing will sustain you if you never take time out. For the past few years I kept thinking that some opportunity would miraculously arise so that I would be able to take a break, but of course it didn't because I needed to make that decision for myself. No one else is going to do it for us, so we have to decide if we care about ourselves enough to carve out that time to nourish our bodies and minds. So what is your self-care plan for this week/month/year? What are you going to do for yourself that will make you feel good? How often are you going to commit to it? Put it in your diary like any other appointment. This is YOU time and no matter what you may think, you DO deserve it and probably most likely need it too.

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